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I was born in New York in 1949 and at age 2, we went to Vladivostok for my grandmother's funeral. My mother is Russian and my father is American. We had to stay there for 9 years while the US State Department and The US Embassy worked to get us back home. So I grew up in Russia. After high school graduation, I joined the military in June 1969, and stayed for 20 years and retired. I was stationed all over the world, 2 years in Vietnam, Japan where I met my wife, England and Germany, and many bases in the states.
After retirement, I obtained a job here at home with Champion International paper co. I didn't like the confusion there of a civilian company and in September 1989 I joined the air guard working for an aircraft company maintaining our aircraft. This September I will retire from there. We were deployed to the first Gulf War and also to Bosnia. I have had a good life here, considering I know what they teach in Russia about the USA. I lost my younger sister in Tower 1 collapse. I had 2 boys but lost them and my wife in 1983 on KAL 007 flight. I never wanted to remarry. I'm going to enjoy my retirement soon and going to spend a lot of time on the St Lawrence River fishing.